Exhibition: Sombras y Color_MARCO_Vigo








The space is mainly transformed by a mural intervention which imitates an „architectural structure“. This geometrical composition is accompanied by a series of wall objects from the Serie Pitágoras (Pythagoras Series). This objects and the mural change depending on the point of view from where they are being observed and because the natural lighting of this space. We may re-read the shapes and always find different versions.


Espacio Pitágoras. 2021


„Shadow Is the Queen of Colour“. That´s the title Derek Jarman gave to one of the chapters of his book Chroma and describes concisely the installation.

We will be able to experience some of the many facets of this harmony between light and darkness. Here, colour reveals itself as a shadow. Similarly, it is the localtion of the source of light that determines the shape of the shadow, that „dark“ area where the complementary colour to the source of light originates.

Color-Sombra. 2021